Here is my 1960 190sl Mercedes.

Here are some pictures when I bought it in Kansas

2-28-2008  Here is a front suspension to a 190sl I bought on ebay.  It's in real good shape and was a pretty good price.  I'm going to disassemble it and powder coat it along with the MGA parts.

3-10-2008 I took some of the chrome stuff off the car, like the clock, mirrors, roof latches, glove compartment, horn chrome ring...  I also pulled out the seats and removed the door panels.  The drivers door skin has some body work I'll have to clean up.  I pulled up the boards behind the seats and found what was smelling so musty.  There was a 32 year old mouse nest in there.  I know it was 32 years old because it was largely made of chewed news papers from 1976. 

In the foreground is the oven I bought for powder coating.