This is my new 1958 MGA.  Lynn took the first picture from the BMW on the way back from picking the car up in Ohio.  Notice the Mustang plates.  The car ran great and had no problems driving it home.  The color is Orient red.  In bright sun it looks more orangey. 

Back at the house.  Tried putting the roof up.  I think it is brand new.  It wasn't put on the frame very well.  I'll have to redo it.

I'm thinking of doing the wheels like the one above, painted the car color with trim rings.

I'm redoing the brakes and replacing the rubber in the suspension.  I put a sway bar up front too.  I've got lots of new stuff like the front parking lights, rear tail lights, chrome around the headlights, fender mirrors (convex) and lots of other fun stuff.