9-22-2009  Well it's... almost done.  Just need to put the carpeting in, do some touchup of the paint, buy new hubcaps and strip and paint the wheels.  I put about 10 miles on it today.  What a fun car.  Small, light, bouncy but firm and handles great.  I like the real short throw of the shifter.  The exhaust manifold was smoking but I think it is just the powder coat.  The last ride smoked a lot less than the first so it looks good. 

Oh yes, the trunk needs to be adjusted.  Doesn't sit quite right.

New leather seats.  I put the radio blank in.  Who needs a radio.

10-15-2009 Have about 300 miles on the car.  There is a small oil leak.  I think it is the transmission front seal.  I replaced the rear seal but not the front.  Bummer.  This means pulling the engine.  Maybe over the winter.  Pretty tight working in the garage.  Good I put the heater in the garage last winter, in the 40's outside.

Well I finally got the carpet and arm rest done.

Local MG club scenic tour this Saturday.  It's suppose to be in the low 40's and a 50% chance of rain.  What a bummer.  I ordered a rack for the trunk.  The spare takes up 80% of the space so there is no way to take a trip in this car.  I also bought a tan leather Hartmann luggage from the '70s.  I'm going to have straps made to strap it to the rack.  I'll post pictures when they arrive and I get them onto the car.

Well here is the car all "weather tight".  The windscreens on the doors get stored in a bag behind the seats.  When it rains you spend about 15 minutes putting up the roof then pull out the windscreens.  The windscreen fits in a hole on the top of the door and there is a thumb wheel to bolt it on.  Now to close the door you have to be careful to make sure it fits snug to the windshield frame.  The rear plexiglass slides forward to get some air.  I haven't driven in the rain yet.

Here is the window opened.

10/17/2009 Got the trunk rack today and put it on the car.  Had to drill six holes in the trunk.