This page will cover the reassembly of the MGA. 

6-7-2009 First step was to clean the garage.

6-8-2009 The body has changed from green, the etching primer, to red oxide primer.  The minor body work has been done.  You can see some of it on the rocker panel.  Tomorrow the underside should be Orient Red and maybe the top too.  Got to get everything painted by Friday.  Going for a bike trip over the weekend and Lynns father will be here a week from today!  It all comes down to getting a good paint job without having to sand and polish.

6-9-2009 The body, top and bottom, has the first coat of Orient Red.  I was fearful of running out of paint so I bought another half gallon.  I mixed it with the half gallon I had.  I haven't compared the color with the other panels I've painted yet.

6-15-2009 Where there is a will there is a way.  Lynns father, Gary, and I got the body out of the basement.  We had to turn it sideways to get it through the basement door. 

Now how do we get the body onto the frame?

Well with a lot of thinking, lifting and pushing, we did it.

Now in the garage, we spent the rest of the week putting it all back together.

Now to start the engine.  OK, why do we need a fire extinguisher?  After a small electrical fix, it started right up.

No fenders because the QC manager didn't accept the paint job.  More painting and buffing needed.  It will have to be finished later.

8-27-2009 Well there has to be a point when you say, "it's done".  I'm calling the paint finally done.  The fender in the foreground was the last to be done.  I sanded it and repainted it once again two days ago.  So now I've learned how to do decent body work, prime, paint sand and buff.  I'm all set to take on the 190.  Hmmm, maybe I'll have it painted.  The fenders and doors are just hanging on the car.  Nothing is bolted and aligned yet.

There is gray ribbing that goes between the fenders and body.

Here is a view of the powder coated suspension through the head light hole.  It's a little dusty from waiting six months for me to finish the paint.