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4/23/2018  Couldn't wait to grind off this brazed on patch on top of the drivers side fender.  There is a similar hole on the passenger side that someone just filled in with bondo.  I don't know why these holes are here.  It's like they only drove on dirt roads and stones would fly off the tires and hit here.  Who knows.
Here it is after grinding off the patch and braze materials then cutting out the rusted metal.  I'll cut a piece of sheet steel the shape of the hole and weld it in then grind it flush.  We'll that is the plan.  I'll then pound it to the correct shape of the fender.
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9/6/2018  Well I finally spent a little time back working on the car.  The piece below was made from welding four different parts together.  Two were cut from patch panels that came with the car and the other two I fabed.
This is where the part is going.  The shinny metal part is one I made and welded into place. 
Here is the part welded into place.  The floor panel is next.  It is in place with these temporary rivet things.  You drill and 1/8th in hole and put these in the hole and they hold the part in place for welding.
If you notice in the picture above, there is a hole in the wheel well.  Below shows the patch I welded in place.
9/7/2018  I welded in the floor panel and the piece in the drivers floor.  Here is a shot from under the car.  Still have more welding and grinding to do.  Ran out of weld wire in the MIG machine today.  2 pounds of metal.
Here is a look from inside the car. 
Here is the before.
9/20/2018  Moving on to the back of the car.  I fabricated the part shown below with the two rivet things holding it in place.  There is another part I have to fab behind the new body part shown.  After that is done I can weld it all together.